What to do if you are injured:

Do Not Talk.

Do not discuss your case with anyone. The reason for this is that what may appear to be an innocent remark on your part may be distorted or changed by others, especially the other party’s insurance company. If anyone calls you regarding the accident, obtain their name and phone number and advise them that your attorney will contact them.
Do not sign any papers.


Photographs are important. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words.
Our office will  need photos of the damage to the car and of any visible injuries you received.  If you cannot take the photos, call our office and we will arrange to have the photographs taken.

Value of your case

The value of a case is determined by many factors which can only be decided as your legal case progresses. There is never a guarantee that your case will render a specific dollar amount and it would be unethical for anyone to state that information. We can promise you that we will use every measure allowable by law to obtain the highest possible settlement for you and your family.

If you believe that you have a legal case, please contact our office so that we may evaluate your case.  We offer an initial Free Consultation.

What is a deposition?

A deposition is a statement that is given under oath before a certified court reporter.  Our clients will have an attorney at your deposition with you.  Days prior to your deposition, we will meet with so that you are prepared.

Will you speak with me prior to settling my accident case?

Yes, we will always ask for your consent during settlement communications and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Under no circumstances will we settle your accident case without your consent.

If we are unable to win your case, there is never a cost to you. There is no fee unless we settle or prevail at Trial.


If you are a homeowner with a valid insurance policy, your insurance company may be obligated to pay for a hotel room and food expenses if your house is unfit to live in, the removal of debris and the replacement of any damaged personal property.

Personal Property

These items should be covered by your insurance policy. For quicker reimbursement, try to gather any receipts of proof of items you had in your house prior to the loss.  It is important to take pictures of your household items as well as the interior and exterior of your home both prior and subsequent to the loss.

You can sue your insurance company for punitive damages

If your insurance company denies your valid claim in order to avoid a costly payout, the law allows the insured to seek punitive damages against the insurance company in addition to the money owed under the policy.